Sunday morning

Good Sunday morning everyone; I'm now on Eastern time so hopefully my blogs will be posted earlier.  We had a great day yesterday at a beautiful area we discovered.  So many new things to see and discover.  I am hoping to connect with some dog people here so that we can venture out for some Eastern fun.  The place we went yesterday was very dog friendly, winter time is downtime for beaches so the dogs get to enjoy.  And enjoy they did, this is somewhere I will be visiting often.

Luke has been catching up on his rest since our big trip across the country.  A few of first days in the house he was my constant shadow so he is resting from that as well.  Elsa is discovering all the new things and figuring out what is what.  Tilley is resting and getting more to her old self everyday.  She, like me is a northerner; born in Manilla, Ontario she always loved the cold.  Taking her out at the crack of dawn this morning; she stood sniffing the cold air and wagged her tail.  She then decided to go on an adventure with me following her around in my boots and robe.  She is very tippy and needs constant supervision so that she doesn't fall on the uneven terrain.

Blogs may be short for a bit as we get settled in our new place; but bear with me.  There will be lots of new things "dog" to discuss, new places, new adventures, new behavior and life with dogs.  Have a great Sunday.


  1. We are all so thankful for the joy you all bring to us, you are our sweet and loving family and a treasure.
    Charlotte and the girls

  2. Virginia TheNurseSunday, December 18, 2011

    glad everyone is adjusting......I hope they all come to love the snow and do some snow's great fun to watch them go!

  3. Beautiful photo! So glad to see you all together again. Looking forward to hearing about your adventures!


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