Where to stay

As you all know my son and I just finished a road trip across America.  We left sunny Southern California and drove to South Connecticut.  We stayed at 5 hotels that allowed us with our dogs so I have a good feel for where to stay and what to ask for now.  When we began our trip we had four dogs, not an easy number to tell the reservation people.  We didn't want to pay an exorbitant fee for having our dogs but understand that there would more than likely be some fee.

We discovered that almost all La Quintas allow dogs of any size and any number with no extra fee.  We stayed in 3 La Quintas.  One was nice, one a bit run down and dirty but with great outdoor grounds and the last very nice.  We actually stopped at a fourth; brought our bags and "dog stuff" up to the room only to turn around and leave.  The girl was nice at the desk and understood.  The whole hotel stunk of cigarettes and cheese (says my son).  It was run down and divey, not somewhere I wanted to stay.

Cost per night for the La Quintas was 70.00-90.00 with no extra dog fee.

We took a quick trip up the road and stayed at a Drury; my favorite hotel on our stay, easily.  When we got to the Drury Hotel in Nashville, Tennessee I was pleasantly surprised.  They also gave us the most convenient room and had lots of "grassy" area for the pooches.  We had complimentary snacks and wine on our arrival which was more than welcome after 4 solid days of driving.  Their breakfast was great and they were very friendly.  The hotel was clean and very accommodating.  Even though when we were originally looking for a hotel to stay in at all of our stops we were told that the Drury had a 2 dog limit they allowed us in with our 3.  Sadly we didn't stay at other Drury Hotels because we thought they had a 2 dog limit.

Cost per night was 119.00 with no extra fee for dogs.

Our last night away we stayed at the Marriott Residence Inn; there was nothing else that would accept dogs in the area that night.  It was a really nice hotel but although they allowed our dogs they did not seem "dog friendly."  We were told not to bring the dogs through the lobby and were given an end room on the third floor.  I asked for something close to the elevator because of Tilley and hauling all of our stuff but we were told that they were completely booked and that this was the last room.  Neither I nor my son bought the "full" line as the parking lot was nearly empty all the way around the hotel.

Cost per night 169.00 plus 100.00 dog fee.

The girls at the front desk were very friendly and the hotel was beautiful.  It was a king suite with a full kitchen, a great place if you are staying a while.  We were also told that they had a very strict barking rule as there were so many "business" people staying at the hotel.  They charge a flat 100.00 dollar fee to stay with your dogs which is non refundable.  Nice hotel but didn't receive a warm and fuzzy about the dogs which were down to three at that point.

When you stay at a hotel with your dog think about location, both in regards to the room and the hotel.  If your dog is not accustom to staying in hotels then you will not want to leave them unattended in the room for more than a very short time period.  Luckily there were two of us so when we arrived and got settled Brad went and got our dinner for the night.

Location of room was very important for us, we had a 5 month old puppy and Tilley who has a tough time going a long distance.  Plus she is so slow that it can literally seem to take forever getting anywhere.

All in all it was a great experience.  Would I do it again?  In a heartbeat for my dogs.


  1. I am wondering if the last Hotel, the Marriott, put you so far down to create a space between you and other guests in case of barking? Sometimes I think they only heat certain areas when they aren't very full so you are then stuck with a room in that area. We have run into this issue in the winter as well. When we requested a different room due to very loud children next door on a very full floor, the hotel reluctantly moved us to another room on a lower floor. The second room was COLD. Thanks for the hotel tip for traveling with dogs!

  2. Glad to know this about Drury Inn. LaQuinta's quality is always questionable. I've had good luck with dogs at Candlewood and Staybridge.


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