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Good Monday morning; I hope you all had a great weekend, I did.  I spent the day with my oldest daughter and hubby yesterday which was wonderful.  After the humans worked out it was dog work out time.  Luke went with his Dad and I took advantage of a very quiet park.  All the Mom's were out for brunch so we had a nice long time with an open field, just Elsa and I.  Boy can this girl fly.  We met up after with Luke and Dad in the park, then it was home for some chill'n time which is about an hour and then breakfast.

At the park we were in an out of the fenced area in record time.  With the chuck it, exercise time is concentrated.  I can throw the ball from one side of the field to the other.  Elsa runs like a torpedo shot out of a cannon after the ball and slows only a bit on the return.  It was starting to warm up so we did this about twelve times before heading out.  Always keeping in mind my motto in life "quit while you're ahead."  

On the way to the park we met a really nice lady with two dogs.  She asked immediately if Elsa was a poodle, then told us all about her past dog who had been a black standard.  She said that her dog was so fast that even the whippets couldn't catch her.  We compared athletic stories and she was smiling as she elaborated on hers.  Nice to see such fond memories people hold of their dogs gone by.  

Saturday was a puttering around day, a few errands and lots more gardening.  I love when I garden and the dogs enjoy just hanging with me.  We are wrapping up week two of Elsa's heat and this week has been tough on Luke.    I have to say that he has been very good about it all.  Being his age has probably helped.  He sleeps most of the day, even snuggled up with Elsa without any issues.  It seems to be right before and after dinner when the issues arise.  He gets..........well..............let's just say randy then.  But his poor old legs don't do him well in this situation.  But there is no lack for trying.  She is still bleeding so sporting her ultra snazzy undies.

This week should be a good one, my other daughter is home for a nice long visit so we'll be hanging out a lot. For sure we'll be hitting the beach with the dogs several times.  The end of midday beach visits is quickly coming to an end until mid September.  We can still go on the beach with the dogs but it has to be before 8am and after 6:00pm which in the summer is just fine.  It makes it a little tougher to get there that early and typically after 6 it's still crowded with the summer array of visitors.  So once the Memorial day is over I'll just have to switch up my own routine and walk the dogs before hitting the gym.

Have a wonderful week, and give your dog a big squeeze for me.

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