One of those nights

  No doubt, they will be bright eyed and bushy tailed this morning. 

Ever have a night that left you with little sleep?  A night when sleep is illusive and waking up in the morning is nearly impossible?  Well, that was me last night.   For some reason I woke up at 3:30 and getting back to sleep was simply out of my control; it wasn't happening, no matter how hard I tried.  I flopped from one side to the other; tried my hardest to think "nothing."  Ya, thinking nothing is easy right?  As soon as you try to stop thinking you think of something related to that. 

I heard Luke get up, well sort of get up and turn around, again sort of.  He has a very hard time moving around at night; so it is a good thing that he is on a giant mound of beds surrounded by pillows.  He repositioned himself and was back asleep, twitching within minutes.  Elsa watched me watch her for a bit and then joined Luke in blissful twitching.  Yep, I was still awake and trying my best not to be.  There was no noise keeping me awake; it couldn't have been more quiet.  I just could not fall back asleep.

So I think sometime around 4:45 I dosed off, thankfully.  Of course that was short lived as I was shot out of my bed at 5:13am by the sound of heaving.  I was still asleep but standing; Elsa wasn't in her bed so I assumed it was her heaving somewhere in the dark and yelled to her.  It was only when I flipped on the light that I realized that Elsa was still in my bed; where she had joined me just as I'd drifted off.  It was Luke who was doing the heaving but it was the strangest thing as he seemed asleep.  I looked closer and listened, he was heaving and finally wretched.  Nothing came out, he didn't seem bothered and went back to sleep, this is a first.  He didn't even lift his head up when he was heaving; was he heaving and throwing up in a dream like state?  I have never had a dog do this, so I'll keep an eye on him. 

He resumed his sleeping and was back in twitch land before I got into bed.  I just lay there wondering if I'd get back to sleep or just get up.  But I drifted off again and now I am so groggy that I can barely wake up.  My first coffee is gone and I'm suppose to head to the gym in a few.  It is hard to workout when you are asleep.  Of course Luke and Elsa are sound asleep as usual. 

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  1. I loved the "Twitch Land" description for dogs sleeping.

    My old 14 yo golden does this heaving thing. Like dry heaves. Only he usually does his while awake.

    Love the picture of Luke and Elsa!!


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