Hot weather and fireworks

Well, I'm typing fast this morning because I want to get my poodles out for a run before the heat. Its been very hot the last couple of days which I hate. I am not a hot weather person, I prefer it to be low 70s high 60s. We've been spoiled so far this year but now summer has caught up with us. When it is going to be in the 90s I really have to get these guys out before 8:30 or its just too hot to run around. Jessie can handle alot more heat than the poodles so she goes out in the evening.

It looks like July 4th is going to be a hot one. Most dog sites on line and in print are warning people about fireworks and dogs. I learned this lesson at the age of 18 when my boyfriend (now my husband) and I took my Airedale Mandy to the Canada Day events. We spent the day at the park and Mandy swam until her hearts content. That evening as we set up our blanket and prepared for the evening show I had no idea of the impending doom.

No sooner had the fireworks started when Mandy had a look of terror on her face and was trying to bolt. Its a good thing I had her leash tight in my hand as she was attempting to just run. Looking back at it now it was crazy to have her there but I was 18 and didn't think about the effects of the fireworks. At the time I thought she might die, she was so terrorized by the sound that her heart was pounding, her pupils were dilated and all she knew was that she had to get out of there.

We spent a short time trying to calm her but realized is was a loosing battle and left, lesson learned and never to be forgotten. Now many years later I often see people at the fireworks with their dog. I have told people that they should take their dog home but after finally getting a parking spot and nabbing the last piece of grass available in the park, they aren't leaving anytime soon. And it never fails as soon as the show begins the dogs are up and bolting.

I wish everyone a very happy and safe July 4th. Please leave your dog at home, in a safely contained area with the t.v. or radio on loudly if you are not going to be with them.

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