Dogs in the OC

The OC has become a household name and people who aren't from around here; know it as the place where housewives have too much money and too much time on their hands. But the OC has alot more than just pretty faces and mansions. And believe me, not everyone lives the high life!

There are alot of dog lovers; bigtime dog lovers in the OC. There are many, many rescue groups, shelters and dog parks everywhere and new ones popping up all the time. Sure there are dogs that live the pampered life here but lots who have a great time just being a dog here.

When you visit the dog beach you see alot of happy dog faces. What could be more fun for a dog than hanging with their beach buds and chasing a ball into the ocean all day? And for those who don't enjoy submerging themselves in the ocean, there is the glorious beach to charge around on or just simply sunbath.

As a dog trainer and photographer I am either being sought out by dog guardians or I am doing the seeking. So I get to meet alot of dogs in and around "The OC." I have met some of the most rare breeds here that I had never had the chance to meet anywhere else.

Many restaurants are very accommodating to the canine species, especially the beach cities. Where there are outdoor cafe's you will find dogs enjoying the sun and surf with their guardians.

On a recent "beach" shoot I found myself on a beach that was new to me. I love finding new great places, just for the simple joy of being there with my dogs and finding new places to that have amazingly beautiful background possibilities.

Seek out the dogs lovers and you will meet the real people. "The real people of the OC."

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