Happy Halloween

Lastnight we went to see "'30 days of Night." It was creepy alright, infact it was downright scarey. The movie takes place in Alaska where they have 30 days of Night. At the start of the movie you see many people leaving for 30 days, those who cannot stand to live in "nighttime" mode for 30 straight days. I have to say that I would probably leave, and after seeing the movie I definitely would leave.

Soon after the beginning of the movie you see a kennel with sled dogs; they are barking very aggressively at something so you just know that this means something bad is about to happen. My husband quickly covered my eyes as the dogs are all slayed. I cannot stand when they kill dogs or any other animals in movies. Do whatever you want with the adults but leave the animals and children alone.

Dogs are tough; physically much tougher than us and their pain threshold far exceeds our own. But mess with our dogs and a meek and mild mannered person can become a beast. Humans have pulled the canine species into our protective circle and they along with children are not to be messed with. I am a self proclaimed "over protective Mother," hey, its my given right as a Mother and the genes have been passed down to me.

But it is not only Mom's and it is not everyone, I know many people who are not animal people and do not feel this sense of protectiveness over them. I truly believe it is something you are born with but that said; I do believe that there is an evolution that plays a huge part in it. I started out an animal lover although I did not come from an animal family but those genes were there from the start.

Over the past 40 years; give or take a few I have evolved into the the animal person I am today through life experience. Each and every dog I meet in my life whether it be my own, a dog on the street or a client dog, they have all touched me in someway. Each encounter has molded and steered me to where I am today. I know how I got here and I regularly think of all the dogs in my life and I truly feel lucky to have been a part of their lives.

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