Puppy Mills

Lastnight I was watching Entertainment tonight. I can barely stand to watch a couple of minutes of the show; it is all hype and no content. They repeatedly tell you whats up next and when the story finally appears it is a split second of meaningless, who gives a (*&^ information. I continued to watch lastnight because they had a "breaking news" an "indepth report," about puppy mills. Because of the recent issue with Ellen and the little dog she passed off to her hairdressers kids, she has brought rescue groups and puppy mills to the forefront.

Of course the "Indepth report" was shallow and lacking any type of actual educational information BUT it was on tv which is always good. I've been trying to educate people for so long about puppy mills and why you should never purchase a dog from a pet store. So the fact that it is out there and being talked about now is a good thing. Its about freaking time!!!!

Being in the dog industry I have met way too many undersized, sickly and behaviorally challenged dogs that come from pet stores. I remember going into a pet store about a year ago; they never use to sell puppies so that's why I was in there. I was shocked to see a bunch of puppies set out on the floor in ex pens and asked "when did this start?" The kid behind the counter seemed proud to tell me the store was under new management.

I took a look at the puppies which I knew I shouldn't do; I should have just turned and walked out the door immediately. They were cute, sad, sick and one was obviously very sick. It was a very underweight boston puppy who was just crunched up in a ball with runny eyes and nose. I asked the clerk about her and he said "she's fine."

Especially with the holiday season around the corner; it is imperative that people learn and know not to buy puppies from pet stores. So it is up to the people who already know to spread the word. If we all band together; we can make a difference and maybe in the somwhat near future we can stop Puppy Mills all together. Stop these people who look at dogs as a dollar sign instead of the loving little creatures that they are.

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