Stiff dogs

Good morning, Luke is feeling much better since his neck incident. By Wed. he was loads better and charging around the house. If Luke does not get out and get rid of some excess energy he tends to zoom. And at 25" tall and just about all legs zooming is a pretty hilarious site.

So Wed. afternoon I took the two poodles to my "secret" field to have a run. I figured if Luke just ran around on his own that he was much less likely to reinjure himself, WRONG!!! Luke is one of those dogs that loves to run just for the pure joy of running. Once off his leased and released he always charges full steam ahead for a couple sessions around the field.

He is a joy to watch, when a dog runs because they love to; it is quite a site to see. We didn't stay long, just long enough to get his ya ya's out for the day and back home. Once we were home for about an hour I could see that the run had not been a good idea. He was back to the painful neck stage from a couple of days before.

So, with rest and as much babying as caninely possible he is good again. He did not go for any canyon runs this weekend but a trip around the block instead. It is no ordinary trip around the block though; my husband pushes the. But no crazy hair turns, jumping, spinning or jamming on the breaks. Luke wears a body harness so there is no neck jarring either.

So they had their exercise and he is no worse for it; infact he has his happy face on. A good way to start the week off tomorrow.

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