grooming and eating

Well, its coming close to clipping time. It was much hotter yesterday and with the poodles having such a big coat they are comfy in the night but getting a bit warm during the day. So what I need before I think of clipping is some new clippers. I bought my first set of clippers way back in Canada almost 25 years ago. I bought a second set probably 17 years ago and these are the ones that I have now. The 25 year old clippers went in the garbage several months ago.

I've been searching for the best clippers I can get, you see I am a what I call a lazy groomer. I don't have one of those big giant hair dryers that can dry a standard poodle in less than two minutes so the idea of bathing, drying and then clipping doesn't work for me. Nope, if I can shave off all of that hair and then give them a bath; that's how I work. So I need a good heavy duty set of clippers that can go through the heavy stuff.

I think I have narrowed it down but I could definitely use any advice from the pro groomers out there. I'm thinking but am up for listening to whatever you professionals have to say about the subject. But I need a set today, tomorrow latest. :)

So moving on to my dogs menu, as you all know I cook for my dogs and they occassionally get raw food. To many; this is absurd and ridiculous. I have talked to people who upon hearing what my dogs eat exclaim "are you kidding." But what I have to say about it is why would we feed our dogs crap? Dogs are more meat eaters than we are, that is their natural diet but dog food contains very little' some next to none. And the big box store brands or the dog food you can purchase at the grocery store? Don't even get me started.

I remember many years ago when I had my first dog at the young age of 18; asking my vet if I should switch to a better quality food than the no name I was feeding. He explained that they were all the same and why pay more for the same product? Well, that was very, very far from the truth. There is your generic brand of dog food which is nothing more than fillers and advertising hype, and then there is very good quality dog food which is still nowhere near the quality of "real food."

Lastnight I was very impressed with my husband, not only is he very behind feeding our dogs the best that we can; he is concerned with their enjoyment of a meal. Let's face it we all like to eat and we like to eat what tastes good; right? As I was preparing our meal for dinner my husband came in and asked for the meat I had got for the dogs. He was barbequing our Rib Eyes and wanted to bbq the dogs meat as well. I was pleasantly surprised because although the dogs love meat, they especially love bbq meat.

And so they had their bbq'd beef along with fresh red pepper, ground flax seed, brown organic rice with a little tomato. There meat was cooked rare; just the way they like it.


  1. Hi,

    I'd love to give my dogs more raw food, but working full time I find it difficult. I feed them Canidae All Life Stages with some Dinovite and some cottage cheese mixed in. They get a raw round steak bone with the marrow in it once in a while. They last for ever!

    I have a website all about Standard Poodle. Check it out:


  2. Its actually easy if you just stop by the butchers after work and grab some stewing beef. Its all cut up and ready to go, and nice and fresh.

    Come back soon, love to meet new SP people.


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