Happy May 1st - puppy season?

Good morning and Happy May 1st everyone. May is a busy month for our family; always has been. My oldest brothers b-day is tomorrow, my b-day is mid May which I share with my twin brother, my husbands is the day after mine, my Mothers is a week later and my longtime friend back home is the same. May in general is a busy time with spring arriving many people focus there attention to a new addition, a puppy.

When is the best time to add a new puppy to your home? That is a big question and there are many answers to it. Surprisingly spring is not one of the answers; unless spring is a time when you have alot of time to devote to your new baby. Alotted time is the best time to acquire a new dog; when you know that you will have at least a month of time to devote to this new addition. Of course you need months of time for your dog but the first month is very important. You need to housetrain, socialize, establish routine and rules.

The next best time to get a puppy is when the perfect puppy that you have been waiting for has arrived. You have been searching for months or years and now the big moment has arrived; you cannot always plan when your puppy will arrive. Say you've found the best breeder and she will be breeding the bitch you want a puppy from in August, that means the puppies will be ready sometime in December. Hmmmm a December baby, not what you had planned. So, you either make arrangements to alot your time or you wait for the next go round.

Adding a new member to your family should never be taken lightly; you should have a plan. Adding a puppy should always be well thought out. There are times when a dog or puppy may enter your life at an unplanned moment but if you have been planning to add a dog at some point in time this can be a good thing. Sometimes you happen upon a perfect puppy just when they are ready to go home; this makes things a little bit more exciting but if you were already in the planning stage it is not all bad.

Rescues can be very unpredictable when they show up in your life. if you have decided to rescue a dog and are on a waiting list; the moment could arise at anytime. It is completely your decision if you have the time to devote at that particular moment; which you must consider carefully. A rescue can bring more baggage than a new blank slate puppy, which in turn can be more work; so think first.

Impulse should never, ever come into choosing or bringing home a puppy. You may desire a puppy today but believe me they are worth the wait.

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