What a guy

I thought I would write about a couple of behavior incidents today, they all had to do with Luke mostly. Although Luke likes to think he is quite the macho guy; he is very sensitive, much more so than the girls. At one point today I was sitting in the kitchen doing paperwork. Luke came through, he had a look on his face so I thought he wanted a drink. I got him some cold water with ice; just the way he likes and he drank. He wandered around the kitchen and left.

Back he came into the kitchen again with the same face on. He then came over to me and peered under my chair to the dog bed on the otherside of the table. Ah!! He was looking for the girls; which I thought was pretty cute. So I told him "Jessie and Tilley are outside." He looked at me as if to say "oh, thanks," and proceeded outside. I went to see where he went and sure enough he was laying beside the girls on the big double lounge.

Another incident involved digging; the offender was Tilley. The clear evidence was still on her feet and nose. I was shocked when I went outside to find dirt strewn across the patio. I have already put a fence around this area that she likes to dig in; so I was angry. I made some loud angry noises and gestures and gave Tilley a look when I went in the house. I hadn't caught her doing it so I was not going to bring it up now. But everyone knew I was mad.

For the rest of the afternoon Luke followed me; which is very typical but he also added reassuring nudges. The reassurance was for him; Luke hates to get in trouble and he wanted to be sure that we were good; I wasn't mad at him right? He did alot of wagging; eye contact and touching; these are all ways of communicating and reading. He was wagging in appeasment and the touching and eye contact were letting him know my mood at the present moment.

Then there was the flying feet on the wood floor. I had just fed the dogs and let them out; I then went upstairs to get something. While I was upstairs my husband let the dogs back in and Luke proceeded his look for Mom ritual. I could hear the dogs running around and all of a sudden I heard alot of feet going in different directions on the wood floor. I came out to see what was up and he was in a panic. Luke could not find me and if he thinks I'm gone he gets very upset; even though we were together only minutes ago. I came out to see that he was okay and he was very, very happy to see me. What a guy.

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