The Beach and Designer Dogs

Good morning, looks like its going to be a great day. The birds have been up alongtime already; it is very loud outside. I am trying to plan where I will take the dogs today, probably down to the beach somewhere will be the final destination. Since the start of shooting for my book I have found so many wonderful places in the oc to walk the dogs that I enjoy hitting different spots each day. Although the beach at this time of year really draws me. Once the summer roles around I'm not so inclined to fight my way to the beach through the crowds.

The other day we had all three at the beach, they love it. Even when they have to remain on leash they love being at the beach. The poodles love to be in the water, Jessie not so much. Although she loves wading through the tide pools and fishing for little moving creatures. They all wear harnesses and for Jessie it acts as her safety belt from falling head first into the pools. The slighest movement triggers her into action.

They all love to chase seagulls, its an all round fun activity. Just watching them as they stalk towards the birds; you can see how much they enjoy it. And like always we are stopped; "what are those?" My dogs, people don't know what my shaved incognito poodles are. Weimaraners? Airedales? but Labradoodle tops the guess list. "Nope, standard poodles," "really?" This is pretty much the same conversation played over and over again.

Labradoodles, goldendoodles, puggles, cockapoo, yorkiepoos, cockaliers and the list goes on and on. Puggles are what i'm seeing these days, they are a hot ticket. And from what I've heard from all the puggle people they seem to like these little guys alot. I have not heard any complaints about the nose on the ground behavior like a beagle so the balance of adding a pug has maybe toned it down a bit.

How many of these new "designer dog" breeders do you think love their mixes and are breeding them for health and temperament; doing all the appropriate health and temperament testing and not just for the $$$$$$$, very few. It's a vicious cycle; of supply demand. At first there are few, people hear about the newest mix that is the best of both worlds and want one. The breeders get wind of it and kick into gear. Production goes into full swing and they start popping up everywhere.

Like anything else the market becomes saturated; the targeted audience looses interest and the shelters fill up with designer dogs. I have no problem with mixes; I love just about all dogs and some of the best dogs I've met have been a great concoction of canine genetic material thrown into a blender. But the whole "designer dog" scenario is a bad one. When you see how many registered breeds, rare breeds and breeds that have yet made their mark on America, I cannot imagine having to make more. There truly is a breed for everyone.

Best not to pay these people who are mass producing dogs; the ones who do it just to get your hard earned $$$$$$$$$ and not for the good of the dogs.

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