Wow what a crazy hectic day yesterday; I didn't even get a chance to blog. It never seems to fail that when I am going away; my dogs get ill. Nothing huge or deadly; just upset stomachs. Just enough to get my stress level up there. There is nothing worse than leaving your dogs at home knowing they have diarrhea. It is bad enough when one has it for a day but three for many days?

When I first got Luke we went weeks with Coccidia, weeks without sleep. So when my dogs get upset stomachs I cringe. Being that I cook my own dog food I am careful what they eat; but of course there is always the chance of eating something they are not suppose to.

Jessie is the big culprit in the eating bad things department. She'll give just about anything a try; she is a food fiend like I have never seen. At 12 you would think that she should have learned something along the way. No, Jessie will raid any garbage or single handedly destroy any containment of food to get to the desired object.

She has ruined several carelessly strewn backpacks, ripped holes in jean pockets and torn holes in several of my purse pockets. This could all be completely eliminated by the humans remembering. Although there have been times where I have consiously put my purse up out of reach; but she has reached it through some mysterious athletic performance.

I will be off this morning to get some good old ground beef, and if that works I will know it was the chicken they ate lastnight. I will be hoping with all my might that it is just something they ate.

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