You can teach old dogs new tricks

Okay, Friday was a really bad day; I had a whole slew of things go wrong and like I said I was not in a great mood. But everything changed the next day and Saturday elevated my mood completely. I got my doggie door!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm going on vacation and had ordered a dog door; the delivery service mixed up everything and sent my door to Florida. So hearing that I would not get my new door intime to teach my guys to use the door was not good. So when it arrived on Saturday I was pleasantly surprised.

I am happy to say that in a matter of 30 min. my girls were using the door. Yes you heard correct; the girls. The boy is not and I'm thinking that he may never be using the door unless he learns to ride the opening the girls leave when they come in. You see Luke as I have explained many times is a nervous ninny. I knew that he would probably not use the door; and it was bought for my girls anyway. Luke; to this day will not push open an already partially open door; odd for a dog. My girls will push open any door if they want in. Even doors that are closed tight; they'll give it a go. But not Luke; even if there is a nice opening that he can see through already and with much coaxing from me; he won't do it.

Tilley was in and out of the door often yesterday; at 11 she learned about the benefits of the door very quickly. Jessie is still a little stumped as to exactly where to push; so I put a sticker dead center for her to associate with. The door is really nice, excellent quality and fits like a glove. We bought the patio door dog door panel which fits nicely into the existing patio door with a large flap on the bottom.

Typically I leave our doors open for the dogs; when I'm home of course. But we've had a huge hatching of lizards in the yard; tiny little lizards everywhere. So not wanting a houseful of tiny little lizards I opted to get a doggie door. It gives you such a sense of relief when you are out as well; not having to panic about getting back for the dogs.

We got our door from; the "Endura" Flap Thermo Panel IIIe model. And although Luke doesn't think much of it; the girls give it four paws up. Me too.

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