Complaining and leaving

Yes I have a complaint, a big huge gripe and I knew the second it happened that this is what I was going to make my finale. I'm leaving on vacation; not for good. I'll be back mid August but because I'm not sure about internet service I cannot be sure that I'll be able to blog so I'll say see ya later now.

As far as my complaining goes; it is about extension leashes. I hate them, yes I have one and I am so very careful with it. I never use it if I am around other people and I use it strictly for when I need my little Jack Russell to feel like she is off leash when she cannot be.

So today I had to take Tilley back to the vet for her rabies titer which was suppose to be done last week; don't even ask. So I'm at the vets waiting in the waiting room like a good little client when a door opens to one of the rooms. A dog wanders out on an extension leash. I can clearly see the owner in the room getting herself together before she exits.

By now her dog is investigating Tilley who is none too happy about it. I put my foot out to stop the dog from further approach. I don't know if this dog is friendly or not; and the owner doesn't even know that the dog has left the room. Once she finally exits; she slowly looks down the leash to find the end where yes, her dog should be.

"Oh, he's not usually that friendly," she proclaims. Oh great, he's not even a friendly dog and he is wandering around on his own. Then, and here's the best part; he is in for a Ghiardia test. He has been pooping blood for days, nice. I don't have enough on my plate right now, I need this.

I gave nothing, pulled Tilley in close to me and shook my head. Honestly; that is all you say at a moment like that. Then as we were done and leaving the lady was still there awaiting her poop results and thankfully it was negative. Just bloody diarrhea no Ghiardia; thankfully. As the woman prepared to let her dog visit Tilley again I gave her the stare of doom and pulled Tilley close; she followed suit.

Okay, I feel better. Please watch how you use extension leashes; they can be anything from bothersome to downright dangerous.


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  2. Hi Gaby, I'd love to thanks.


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