I'm back

I'm back and it's good to be home. I was completely mauled as I attempted to walk through the front door lastnight. The first thing through the door were Luke's front legs; right at face level. As I made my way past the front entrance and into the livingroom burdoned down with luggage I felt a pretty good tug on my hair. Luke had leapt up and grabbed a mouthful. This is his typical response to a long absence.

Jessie was jumping, spinning and jumping. Running around trying to find a toy to hold onto and Tilley was just plain out of her mind with excitement. She was going from person to person displaying her big toothy smile that she gives when she is over the top excited to see you. It is a nice greeting and one that I had anticipated the full plane ride home.

I missed my dogs; its great to get away but man I miss them. Not only do I miss their presence but I feel like a piece of me is missing when I don't have my dogs around. Someone really needs to come up with a plane that has specially designed designated areas to hold guardian and dogs happily within the plane compartment. I will not ship my dogs cargo ever again unless for some weird reason I absolutely have to; just not worth the risk or stress on them.

So I spent 10 days away from them and I couldn't be more excited to have them all snuggled up to me in bed lastnight even though it makes sleeping sort of a challenge. Luke and Jessie never left my side for a second and I'm thinking that today will be much of the same.

I spent several days once again with my sisters Toller who makes a very good substitute when I'm away from my guys. She is adorable and I will post photos soon. She is the one who was the focus of my three page pictorial last year in Dog World; she's a beauty and the sweetest little thing.

Best get on with my day, glad to be home!!!!!!

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