Well, as of lastnight I'm on a mission. As I was preparing my dogs food; mixing up chicken, veggies and carbs my daughters started to discuss a vegetarian diet for their dogs in the future. They were wondering if feeding a veggie diet to dogs was fair or healthy. I quickly jumped in stating that I thought dogs need meat; but then thought maybe they can live healthy and happy without meat, research time.

As with anything else I do in life when I'm not sure; I research. I am a need to know type person and before saying no to a vegetarian diet for dogs I really need to know. More and more people are living a vegetarian and vegan lifestyle themselves and many are opting to take their dogs with them in their non meat choices. So can a dog adapt to a life on veggies and grains alone? This is what I am looking to find out.

I do know that there are many different vegetarian dog foods to choose from but what if any are the effects on our dogs eating these? I want the real goods, not the say so facts from celebrities or people who preach veggie life. So I am on a mission that will more than likely take sometime to get to the bottom of but I think an important one.

I stand somewhere in the middle of a family divided by food consumption; two meat eaters and two vegans. I have not not crossed over to the vegetarian side yet but am eating less and less meat daily. With two vegan daughters we spend alot of time at vegan restaurants while they educate me on the subject. Education is never a waste of time.

I'll let you know what I find out.

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