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As you all know I feed my dogs "real food." Having done this back and forth for years; it has been a full year that my dogs have not eaten dog food. What has it done for my dogs? First there is Jessie; my 12 year old Jack Russell terrier who could pass for a 6 month old. Jessie has some sort of auto immune disorder. Over 6 years ago now she almost died; she came so close that is makes me shudder had the vet not offered a cortisone shot at the end; she would be gone.

So since Jessie's illness; she is on 1/2 prednisone every second day. This we thought caused her to loose alot of hair; her ears were near bald, she had a huge bald spot on her tail and her stomach; naked. With no other change but to her diet she grew back all of her hair. Her thin coat which lacked all of the colored undercoat that she had when she was young; returned. Her ears are now fully furred and her tail has no telltale signs that it was ever bald.

Luke; my almost 8 year old epileptic standard poodle who was having numerous seizures which we could not pinpoint the cause of has much improved. Well I am happy to say that I can now pretty much pinpoint the cause of the three seizures he has had over a year. Only one has been caused by food; the others are sleep issues I have discussed in prior blogs.

The question use to be; I wonder if it will make a significant difference? I have absolutely no doubt in my mind that "real" is the way to go. It is like I had my own experiment unfold before my eyes with an astounding result. Had I only had my girl Tilley to study; the results would have not been so clear to me.

Yes it takes my time to buy, chop, cook and bake for my guys but they are sure worth it.

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