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Today my dishwasher repair man will come; hopefully he will be repairing my dishwasher. If not; well that will suck. After celebrating our Canadian Thanksgiving and doing all the dishes by hand I realized how much doing dishes just plain sucks. As you all know I make my dogs food as well as the human's food so I have alot of dishes. Mostly it is the time spent doing them and the fact that until I do wash the dishes they are sitting there on the counter staring me in the face. So I'm really hoping he can fix it.

Jessie is completely back to her old self with no ill side effects of her chocolate eating binge. She is a resilient little dog; tough as nails and the boss here in this house. Lastnight Luke decided he had to dig out a tennis ball from under the ottoman. Problem was Jessie was laying beside the Ottoman; Luke knew this was a problem. With his giant ears up and his head looking down at the mighty leader Jessie; I could see the wheels turning.

Luke decided it was worth the risk; and pawed at the Ottoman. Hmmmm, a little reaction from the boss. He tried again keeping a close eye on Jessie; she tends to react quickly and Luke knows this as well. Not happy with the dozens of other toys in his toy basket; Luke had to have this one tennis ball that was wedged under the ottoman.

With one almighty pounce he crossed the line and Jessie flew from her resting spot to scold him. Luke jumped out of teeth range and watched as she left this spot confidently walking to one of the many dog beds to sleep. Now that he was free of obstacles he dove in full force to get the ball; now it was annoying us so I reached down to retrieve the ball he just had to have. This tennis ball entertained him for only a moment and he was onto the next toy.

With the cooler (only in the evening) weather the dogs have been more active in the evening; so the toys pay a toll. Yesterday morning I went down to the family room to find one of the newer toys my daughter had made spread from one side of the room to the other. One of the cheap stuffed bone shaped toys I buy regularly was empty of it's contents which were spread around the room and there were various pieces of toys all around. What a mess.

Tilley is the only one of the dogs who does not gut her toys. She has a special stash and she takes great care toting them around and placing them in her own hiding spots. The dogs are informed immediately when new toys come into the house which ones are Tilley's. And surprisingly they are pretty good about not gutting those and leaving them for Tilley's enjoyment.

Have a great day; and give your dog an extra kiss and hug for me.

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