TGIF-The great Tilley

The sun is just thinking about coming up. It is suppose to be another hot one and I have a stupid cold; colds and summer (although apparently it is suppose to be fall) just don't go together. So I'm going to get up, take some cold medicine and pretend that I don't have a cold.

I watched a great show lastnight on dogs. I think it was called Dogs that changed the world; by PBS Nature.

It was a very educational show about breeds; history and intelligence in dogs. I highly recommend it.

Sometime this week will be having visitors; Tilley's breeder is taking a vacation and she will be coming to see her. She has not seen Tilley for over 10 years although we have stayed in touch. I have stayed in touch with almost all of the breeders where my dogs came from. A few have not stayed in touch with me but I have always sent health, happiness and achievement updates to them.

I know if I was a breeder; I would want to stay in close contact with all the puppy guardians. Once you obtain a puppy from someone I think you are family; dog family but still family.

My girl Tilley started out as a very meek and timid girl. Over the years she has bloomed into the most amazing dog; she's near perfection. She is amazingly athletic, very well mannered, affectionate, an amazing guard dog and wonderful companion. What more can you ever ask for in a dog.

For many years Tilley was my demo dog for group obedience classes. Many of my students would say "I just want my dog to be like Tilley." And although they could try to be like Tilley; she is an individual; a very special dog. All of my dogs are special but Tilley is my Lassie in poodle clothing.

She is at 11.5 years old in amazing shape. No one would ever think she is a day over 3 years to see her. Although she is starting to show her age in her eyes; they are cloudy. She takes longer to get up from a long sleep and her hearing isn't what it use to be.

Tilley has performed for alot of people; she was on Pet Star twice showing off her catching ability. She has won numerous photo contests with her airborne flying talent. She has helped many aggressive and fearful dogs with behavior councelling and helped more than a couple of people who were afraid of dogs overcome their fear.

Tilley's breeders should be proud, I know I am.

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