Dog Town

I've been watching the new Dog Town show on the NGC (National Geographic Channel) and I am so impressed with the whole thing. The people who work there are my heros; they take dogs in; any dogs and do their best for each and everyone. Some never leave the facility but are given the best life possible.

Some of the dogs need work and alot of it both with regards to health and behavior. Many of the dogs are fostered so that they can live a somewhat normal life to better there chance at adoption. Some need extensive behavior work having had less than perfect past lives.

For those of you who do not already know; I have three books on the go and I am looking for a publisher. I have decided that all my books will give partial proceeds to DogTown in Utah. When I started thinking about what charity or rescue organization to give to it was a monumental task. Being a trainer and photographer I am constantly meeting new rescue groups; but how do you pick just one?

After reading and researching into DogTown I decided on this one. Since then they have their show on tv which is great to inform the public about their work. When and if I ever get my books published I will be proud to donate to such a group of dedicated people who work unselfishly for the dogs; all the dogs.

check it out

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