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I missed blogging yesterday; just too darned busy. We took a trip to Costco where I was hoping to get another couch dog bed for the pooches. It is the favorite one in the family room and it is quite obvious by the wear and tear on it. No such luck; they actual had slim pick'ns.

Luke is the same; no worse, no better. After calling the Specialty Care facility I was told that Wednesday is the earliest they can scope him. WEDNESDAY? This aways boggles my mind; a facility that is there to do the procedures that regular vet cannot and you have to wait so long? Truly it is just like the human specialty services.

With the cooler weather the dogs are happy and so am I, now I'd be happier if it was about 20 degrees colder and threatening to snow. But I'll have to settle for 70 degree temps being that it is Southern California. I remember the first snowfall each year back home; my first dog Mandy loved the snow and would run and eat as much as she could. It was obvious that she was as happy as I to see it.

With poodles and airedales (which Mandy was) they collect giant snowballs in the hair of their legs. We actually had a specific area in our home where the dogs would come in and thaw. It was at the back door where there was a heater that helped move the melting along. Once thawed and dried a bit they then came into the rest of the house.

Often I'd pick the snowballs out; but if you've never seen a dog with tennis ball sized snowballs stuck in their fur; it takes a longtime to perform. The hair becomes entwined in the snow and it is a giant mess. Here I don't worry about snow but I do worry about fox tails (very evil burrs that do alot of damage) spiders and snakes. Snow never looked so good.

So I think today will bring some off roading, if any of the dogs join us, they are harnessed up and cinched down for the ride.

Have a great weekend.

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