A mucky mess

The dogs went for a New Years run this morning. Having thought long and hard about the conditions in the canyon we agreed that it must be dried up by now. We haven't had rain since Christmas day; that's a whole week of dry weather. My husband gathered all three; slipped Jessie's harness on, clipped on Tilley's collar and rounded up Luke to get his Easy Walk harness on and off they went.

They were gone a longtime when I heard the charging around the corner into the backyard. As soon as I saw their feet I realized that the canyon had not dried completely. We immediately got out the foot bucket; the dog foot washing bucket that is. With the bucket filled with warm sudsy water Jessie is the first in. She fits nicely with all four in at once. There is a little bit of a struggle and she's done.

After the dogs have their feet washed, they get a second dunking into the rinse bucket. Luckily my husband was handling the washing today; it's a back killer and I was on rinse duty. For some reason my perfect in every way Tilley is not so perfect about having her feet washed; she hates it and struggles like a WWF Wrestler, so once she is washed I get her rinsed before she knows what hit her.

Luke is last and so well behaved with the whole feet washing. He is by far the dirtiest as well because he runs with such gusto; the dirt flies everywhere. This is part of life with dogs. Dogs = dirt and that is the way it should be if they are allowed to have the kind of fun that they deserve.

Having a dirt busting partner to help with the foot bathing makes it that much easier. Dirty dogs make me smile; just like dirty kids.

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