The dangers of Rimadyl

First I want to say I am not a vet so this is in no way medical advice. I am a canine guardian and as such I do extensive research on new products, diseases or anything that I haven't heard about having to do with dogs. Rimadyl is one such item that I have done alot of reasearch on and feel the need to pass on the info I have found.

These are only a few of the articles found.

I recommend researching any new medication or product extensively before considering giving it to your dog.


  1. Kudos on getting the word out about Rimadyl. I too am blogging about Rimadyl.

    Side effects of Rimadyl

    I just think that not enough people know about the possible side effects of Rimadyl.

    G. Daddi

  2. Me too. I follow the internet chatter about rimadyl. I lost a very sweet & loving dog to it in 2007.

    Vets should do the proper blood work prior to prescribing this dangerous drug. Dog owners should be warned of the side effects. My vet did neither.

    To this day I wonder why a vet would even think of giving this drug to a 22 yr old dog.


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