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The other day I was at a really great plant Nursery; I could spend hours looking around. There in an indoor area and a huge outdoor area that seems to be never ending. To my surprise there were alot of dogs there; one woman who had several bostons in a cart; a breed that I really like by the way. They are very personable and I have yet to meet one that was not. There was a big pit mix, and an old golden, these were just the ones that I happened to passby.

All were being very well behaved and the basket of Bostons was drawing a crowd. So what is the bring'm with ya etiquette? Well basically when you want to bring your dog into an area that is public and confined, the first thing you need to consider is that they can't bug people. If you have a dog that is out of control and wants to jump onto everyone who passes by then best to work on that before attempting the real thing.

You better be sure that your dog is okay with lots of people reaching out to touch. Everyone always wants to touch, especially children. If your dog is not comfortable with people touching them then leave them at home where they are comfortable. They also need to be okay with other dogs; no they aren't going to have to play but there is a good chance that someone else will have their dog and you don't want yours lunging at the others.

And being that this facility allows you to bring your dog; correct? You did check right? There are several places that are no no's when it comes to bring'm with you. One is a grocery store, anywhere they sell food is off limits. There are lots of restaurants where you can bring them but they must stay in the outdoor patio. Many places in Europe allow dogs just about anywhere; which is way cool. And because the dogs tend to go everywhere I would think that this alone helps in the social department.

If you are going to a public place; be sure that your dog is okay with it. If you plan on sitting down at one of the great places that allow our dogs to dine in an outdoor patio with us then be sure they have a really solid down stay. I recently took Tilley to the Lazy Dog Cafe in Orange off of Katella. My husband and I had a leisurely lunch while she patiently relaxed and had the occassional snack.

Several months back I took Jessie down to San Diego with me, she had a bad spell and I didn't want to leave her alone (well she's not alone) at home. So I joined my daughther and we ate out at a cafe for lunch while Jessie enjoyed alot of snacks. She didn't do a whole lot of laying down but she was very good and they were very accomodating to her. The waitor was very cute and brought her a little cup of water with ice.

If you do take your dog to dine somewhere with you be sure to bring a small towel or blanket for them to lay on. It also helps to give them a visual on where they should stay. Bone apetite!!!!!

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