Puppies and dreaming

I had a strange dream lastnight; I had been out looking for a poodle puppy. I found an adorable parti colored one; sweet as can be and she came home with me. Once I got her home and was showing her to my husband I noticed she was a smooth coat with erect ears. I seemed stunned by this obvious fact and thought back about the rest of the litter............no they all looked like poodles. Weird; although I know why I was probably dreaming of puppies, right before turning out the lights I had been looking at some very adorable puppy pics (Kim).

My dogs dream; Luke dreams every single time he falls asleep it seems. The girls dream and show physical signs of dreaming every so often. What amazes me about Luke is that he can be awake and then within minutes of him putting his head down he is twitching and running. People always want to know what their dogs are dreaming about; do they have bizarre dreams like we do? Well I guess we'll never really know but I would assume they dream about their life in general as we do.

Lastnight we took the three dogs for an evening walk; we went to the park where I take Jessie many mornings as it is well lit at night. There were rabbits everywhere; Luke and Tilley were on high visual predator mode, Jessie went by sent alone. She couldn't see the rabbits unless we were right by a light, then she saw them for sure. Luke whined nearly the whole time we were there and completed his full walk on his tiptoes. Tilley on the other hand was slunk down in stalk position as we rounded the park.

Because Jessie cannot see well she used her sense of smell to it's fullest and was zigzagging back and forth to take in all that she could. All the dogs were highly aroused; there were rabbits everywhere. I was a little surprised because I think I've seen only a couple of rabbits there in the mornings. So our walk was not the quiet one I had thought we'd have but it sure was good for the dogs. This type of mental stimulation is very good for our dogs; this is dogs being dogs to spot on definition.

Once home everyone took up their position on their favorite bed and bedtime did not come too soon for all. There was not a peep to be heard overnight and even now everyone is sound asleep curled up next to me, dreaming of rabbits I'm sure.


  1. Maybe you were dreaming of a Poodle/JRT cross? Or a Sheltie-Poodle? Too funny!

  2. Maybe; your babies are adorable. Steve and I were checking them out in bed lastnight.


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