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I've been feeding "real food" for a very longtime. I started way back when my pack consisted of Clyde, Jessie and Tilley. That is back now 10 years ago; I miss Clyde, what a wonderful guy he was with just the best temperament ever. It was his health that got me started, it was declining so I started my research. Things have changed over the years, I've tweeked and adjusted what I feed and occassionally feed the best kibble I can find just for ease sake.

This whole feeding "real food" to dogs is a big adjustment. When asked what I feed my dogs some people shake their head in dismay; others are quite interested. When you have more than one dog to feed; getting it just right can be a challenge. What works for one may not with another, what one likes the other two may not. And one of the biggest considerations is taste, not everyone has the same likes and dislikes.

In my house I have one who will eat anything, one who will eat almost anything and then there is Luke who will eat next to nothing. He is the one of the fussiest dogs I have ever met in my life; but we're getting it. Slowly but surely I am figuring out this very complex boy. Recently I purchased what is called beef trim; it is the meat that is the outer dry meat cut off after hanging and before butchering. There is alot of grissle and such on it, and Luke loves it. He tends to really like the chewy challenge so I will be getting more.

Variety is the most important thing; just like we should eat a large variety of foods so should our dogs. Often we are told that our dogs should only eat one type of dog food, no treats, no variety and definitely no "people food." I don't use the term "people food" for what I give my dogs. For me; people food is stuff like Pizza, burgers, souffle, you know things that I had to make. So to give you an idea of what my dogs eat. Lastnight they had raw beef trim, green beans which they all really like, apple, green pepper, probiotics and Tilley had her cranberry d=mannose.

This morning will be different, perhaps some ground turkey with bone, arugula, oatmeal, wheat grass and egg. It is a big step to go from your comfort zone of dog food to preparing food for your dogs. There is alot of research to do and every dog is very different. There is alot of trial and error that goes with feeding a pack of dogs and along with watching what goes into your dog you must watch what is coming out. Some foods just don't sit well with certain dogs, just like some foods don't agree with us.

And just like for us; food is best cooked as little as possible for our dogs. Although our dogs have very different digestive tracts and must have their veggies and fruit either partially cooked or cut very tiny to aid in digestion. I know lots of people who would never consider preparing food for their dog; they don't even prepare food for themselves and that is perfectly fine. Dog food has come alongway and there are some great foods to choose from. When I do reach for a dog food bag it is Orijen or Stella and Chewys.

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