I need a ramp

I need a ramp, a dog ramp and I'm out to find a good one. I saw a couple with one the other day but as they pulled away from the park it was hanging out their back window; not what I'm looking for. I want a ramp for my xterra; a midsized suv. Tilley has not jumped in nor out of the car for a longtime now and I'd like to spare my back. I can easily lift her in and out but I'd like Luke to use a ramp as well. He is more than able to do the jumping and it is not the in I'm worried about; I don't want his shoulders to take the impact of the jump out.

So I'm on a hunt; being that my owns dogs do product testing along with two other dogs I have enlisted to test; I'm hoping we can get several products to give a try. There are many things to consider when getting a good suv ramp, ease of use, steadiness, quality and cost. So if anyone has a good ramp that they would like to tell me about I'm all ears.

The product testing on my website is just in it's fledgling stage. We've had some excellent products so far and I look forward to trying out some other great stuff.

Have a great short week everyone.

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