Hot hot heat

Okay, it is officially upon us and as one person put it; I'm in reverse bear mode. I hybernate in the summer. I hate this heat; I truly do. To me the only good thing about the heat is that it heats up the water that we want to swim in. The dogs don't like the heat; Tilley will spend most of her time laying on the tile floor in the kitchen and the other two just wiped for the day.

These are the days that I have to get up and get going. You have to get the dogs out really early if you want to give them a good run. If you get out just early then it will be a medium impact exercise and then if you leave it until not early; well you missed the boat. Both you and your do will suffer the consequences. It is summer folks and with that comes an added responsibility to keep our dogs safe from the heat.

LEAVE YOUR DOG AT HOME; is the first rule of summer.

If you are planning on walking your dog later than say 10am then first take off your shoes and stand on the pavement which you plan on walking your dog on. Is it freaking hot? Then forget the walk until later. Also take into account that your dog is much closer to the ground, the ground which is more than like asphalt. Asphalt gets hot in the sun and throws an enormous amount of heat upward. The lower to the ground that your dog is the more heat they will feel.

Do your dog a favor and get up and at it early. Get a nice run in while it's cool and be done for the day. Let your dog chill during the hottest hours of the day.

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