Walking the dogs

This morning I head over to a school yard very early with Jessie; she is very allergic to grass so schools are great over the summer vaction time to walk her. There are tons of rabbits and lots of smells for her. This morning she saw squirrels, rabbits and smelled rats. She was so full of energy this morning it was wonderful to see. She was darting and charging around like a 2 year old. There was an extremely noticeable change in her; could it be all the great food she's been eating lately? Perhaps.

And in comparison, after bringing jessie back from her walk I head out with the poodles. We met lots of dogs to talk to and Luke was his usually "joe cool." Tilley was really lagging this morning; I'm not sure if it was the fact that she knows there are rabbits at this park or if she is really slowing down that much now. And I did notice that she tripped several times. This getting old thing sucks; especially when it happens to such an amazing athlete.


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