Its nice to be missed

I went down to San Diego yesterday early in the morning; spent the day with my daughters. The drive down was sweet; 55 min from door to door. Now coming back was a different story; 2 hours crawling home. One thing you can be assured of traveling back and forth to San Diego; at some point you'll be snagged in traffic. I made a quick pit stop at the grocers to pick up some beef for the pooches and headed home. I always miss the dogs when I'm away for the day and I was looking forward to a nice greeting.

Well; I got it. I got crying, spinning, jumping, head sniffing and kisses. What's not to love about an over exuberant greeting. During dinner my husband and son told me that little Jessie had been looking for me all day. She sat at the top of the stairs crying; that's so sad. I feel so bad for her these days because she is loosing her sight and when she can't find me; her sniffer fails her as well. I'm sure she thinks that she just can't find me; not that I may not be there. But at least she has her canine buddies to keep her company.

The dogs had taken up position at the front door but I came in through the garage. There they were all facing the door barking; I watched for a few seconds and then announced myself. Everyone pounced; even Jessie but then she made her exit to do the usual routine, grab a toy and charge around with it. Luke and Tilley followed me into the kitchen continuing with their "welcome home Mom."

Being that everyone was a little excited I walked out into the cool evening air and chilled. Looking up to the stars the dogs started to relax and sat just looking at me; much calmer. Once calm we went in and had dinner; a raw beef quickie and everyone enjoyed it immensely. I had planned on kibble for dinner but the guilt of feeding them kibble for breakfast took over. Even though their kibble is a good one; Orijen, and I keep it on hand for days like this was I still wanted them to have fresh food. So I opted for fresh raw beef instead of kibble.

Once everyone ate it was then downstairs for a bit of National Geographic. The evenings are getting cooler and I was tired from the day; I curled up in my favorite chair with my big wolf blanket. Jessie jumped into my lap and curled up immediately; Luke lay at my feet in a big blanket and Tilley joined my son on the couch. With full stomachs and the boss safely home they were all happy; me too.

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