Musings on a Tuesday

Well; I'm off to Costco this morning, and I'm hoping to get a new dog bed. The favorite bed of the poodles is the couch type I got a couple years ago. It has now seen better days after suffering from the wrath of Luke's comfort driven digging. There is a big hole in one side and pills all over it; so it is time for a new one. Unfortunately every time I go they don't have them; maybe now that it is the season they will have them, I can hope right?

But first things first; walk time, but before that is gym time. When I get home from the gym in the morning the dogs are all still asleep on my bed or theirs. They know the routine; which is very loose. I don't like routine myself and try to not do the same ole all the time. Dogs learn routine very quickly and depending on the dog; can have difficultly veering from it or not. Tilley is very flexible with regards to routine; she doesn't care what we do and goes with the flow. Jessie can get stuck on routine sometimes like being the first one to go on a walk in the morning; so again, I try to switch it up.

But then there's Luke; the routine meister, that boy can get so stuck that he is unable to go left or right. He likes what he likes and he does not like change. He is by far the most complicated dog we have ever had; in a good way. If I am on the computer Luke is either on my bed or behind me on the floor. When I am in the kitchen he is on his lounge outside where he has the best seat for viewing me. And his most routine of routines is in the evening; after dinner he likes to go downstairs and watch tv. It's not so much the tv as it is the fact that we are stationary and he likes that.

Luke will wait at the kitchen door; watching me as I clean up the dishes and their meal. He waits patiently; watching my every move, he is waiting for the slightest sign that tells him I'm done and going downstairs. When that time comes and I head towards the door he starts wagging; he then charges ahead of me to the top of the stairs. With a big goofy face that says "we're goin down right Mom?" all over it his glance darts from me to downstairs and back again. And if that happens to be where I am going he runs down and proceeds to spin with excitement. He patiently waits to see where I will sit. Once I'm down he does his ritualistic 12 circles and lays at my feet, very content.

If it happens that I am not going downstairs and am going up instead; he charges up ahead and watches. He wants to know my every move; where I'm going and when. Luke is a foot watcher; many dogs are but it is done so subtly that you don't notice. Again with Luke; not subtle.

Have a good one.

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