A quick look back

Happy New Year everyone. As we start the New Year it is natural to look back at the old and try to remember what the year consisted of. Last year was not monumental; nothing extraordinary marked 2009 for me except that at the very end my book Dogs in the OC got some notoriety. But let's have a quick look.

January 09 brought with it some of the not so great things about living with dogs. Cleaning up and new great grooming equipment.

My book (Dogs in the OC) was finally sent to the publishing company and in February I awaited the first printed copy.

March consisted of alot of behavior talk and dealing with the fact that I live with one of the most fussy dogs in the world, and continued to bash my head up against the wall. a big 12 years old in March 09.

In April 09 I was in full shoot mode with many many greyhound sessions. Learned a ton about the breed, heard many wonderful stories and got to meet a ton of great dogs.

May is a busy birthday month; my birthday, my hubby's birthday and Jessie. Last year Jessie turned 13.

June brought lots more discussions on behavior and dominance.

I had a quick trip back home in July; discussed the fear factor and the idiot vent.

August was the beginning of the hot season for Southern California. A time I don't really enjoy but it does get me up and going early, really early. We also celebrated Luke's 9th birthday, a big turning point for our baby and I believe he finally matured this year ;)

Wind, dog behavior, a sense of smell, walking in the park, canine zones and the myth of dog food were all just a few of the September blog subjects.

Toxins was an important subject in October; as was having fun and the golden years.

November brought the "Don't even get me started" series #1, #2, and #3.

December had a bit of a negative tone to it for Tilley; but she got through it and we learned about a very new treatment. And we talked about jewels.

Above is a tiny glimpse of what 2009 covered here on Just dogs with Sherri. I hope you stick around to see what 2010 will bring. I can guarantee there will be lots of dogs talk and no subject is off limits.

Happy 2010 all.

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