Missing dogs

Have you ever been somewhere amazing; I mean really amazing, and you just know it would even be more amazing if you had your dog by your side? It is really tough leaving our dogs at home and there are alot of places that our dogs are not welcome. Thankfully more and more place are becoming dog friendly as our dogs become more important in our life. Not all facilities are in on this but the really great ones looking for your business are.

When I am away without my dogs I'm always scanning; scanning for a hound to talk to. Pretty much anyone will do; I just need a dog fix. We have been approached by many people in California who when they see our dogs confess how much they miss their own who are back home.

There are quite a few sites that share this "dog friendly" info with you.

Dogfriendly.com is probably the biggest. But most Countries, States, Regions and Provinces have their own local sites.

If you've ever been to a facililty that boasts that they are dog friendly; be sure to give a review somewhere so that other canine guardians will get the news.

Have a great day; see ya tomorrow.

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