Up and at it

I'm up early; couldn't sleep. I lay in bed for a while listening to the sounds of my dogs; even when they are sleeping they make quite a bit of noise. Of course they don't make as much sound as some breeds; namely the brachycephalic breeds. This group of breeds includes the flat faced dogs; the pugs, boxers, bulldogs, bostons, frenchies etc. Although these breeds are adorable; then do suffer from respiratory problems that dogs with full length muzzles do not.

These breeds are the direct result of human maniupulation; afterall dogs were not meant to have no face. With the lack of muzzle comes protuding eyes and other structural issues of the face. Looking at how the physiological make of the head structure of these breeds leads one to think "what were they thinking?" But there are a few breeders out there now giving these breeds more face. They will still be the wonderful breeds that they are of today; just with less physical issues to deal with.

So if you love one of these flat face breeds but would like to support the idea of a dog with a bit more muzzle; you'll need to do your research. The breeders are out there; it just might be a little difficult to find them. Worth the effort though.

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