Tiny old dogs

We met a very old dog the other night in Mexico. We were shopping in a small town in a little shop where I had seen some shoes I liked. As I tried on shoes my husband asked the owner of the shop if the little dog in the corner was his. That's when we got the details of this little dirty old chihuahua curled up in the corner. The little girl was 18 years old; she now had no teeth and spent her days in the shop. She was adorable; and barely raised her head when my husband bent down to touch her tiny head. She gave him a brief "hi" and lowered her head down again and fell back into a deep sleep.

As I watched her crooked lumpy body in the corner laying on the hard concrete floor I couldn't think of anything but the fact that she needed a bed. As my dogs are well into their senior years we have made it very comfortable for them. Each dog gets a new bed as theirs becomes too flat and they all have blankets that keep them warm at night. He told me that each day he cooks beef or chicken for her; having no teeth he cut it into tiny pieces.

As I wandered around the store; occasionally glancing at the old lady in the corner I wondered about her life. What had her life consisted of; it looked like she had had puppies, maybe several litters. But looking at her now she was obviously comfortable and at home here. Dogs and people just belong together.

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