Time to get back at it

Okay; the holiday season is over, Tilley is recovering albeit very slowly, the rains have stopped and I'm back in town so time to get back at it. I have alot on the go at the moment; private photo shoots, stock photo shoots, book shoots and getting all the books together and out. Today will be spent scheduling and organizing; not my favorite part of shooting dogs by a long shot but something that needs to be done.

Tilley will go out today for a walk; or sort of walk. She needs to get moving and it is hard to get her to move much at home other than from one bed to another. She is at this point happy and eating very well; infact she is sniffing around to find whatever she can scrounge up which is good to see. She is still far more unstable than I thought she would or should be at this point but factoring in that she is nearly 13 years of age may play a huge role in speed of recovery.

The sun is out this morning and the week is to hover around the mid 60s, nice. I will take advantage of the cooler weather and enjoy it as long as it hangs around. Luke has his day off today; he had lots of exercise with Dad over the weekend. So it will be a small jet around the park for Jessie and a very small stagger for Till. Today is a good day; so first to the gym and then on with the rest. Have a great week everyone.

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