Where are all the dogs

Wow what a difference a day makes. Yesterday morning I woke up with the sunrise and 75 degree temps in Mexico. This morning it is a chilly 37 degrees here in Southern California. I spent the last four days in Mexico; it was beautiful, simply breathtaking but there were very few dogs. As I stood one morning taking in the sunrise I did notice a woman on the beach with her two schnauzers. And while we took in the town; the very small town of San Jose we noticed a few chihuahua's around. Most were chi mixes but still were small; white, beige or light golden in color. I saw no other dogs while driving through the area. I'm sure that most of the hotels do not welcome dogs but there were a few facilities that looked more like "condo" types where the dogs were coming from.

I know that there are many dogs in Mexico; just not in the outlying areas. In fact there is a huge Mexican Kennel club; but I have never attended a mexican dog show. The two official Mexican breeds are the chihuahua and the Xoloitzcuintle. I have had the pleasure of meeting several xolo's and did a wonderful shoot with them. They have no coat except for a few hairs here and there and many sport a tuft of red hair between their ears. Although you will probably never see one here in North America they are very popular in Mexico.

So this morning as I type this surrounded by my three; I'm happy.

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