Git'r done

Good morning; todays blog is #999 so that means tomorrow is the big day. I cannot believe that I have blogged this much; I enjoy it so much in the morning that it never feels like a chore. I should have a party or something; I'll ponder on it today. But for now I want to discuss my book; my training book that has been in the works for several years. It is a process and at times it definitely feels like a chore but I have now decided that it must be completed. NO more pushing it aside for the photo books; I have to git'r done.

My book is at the re-read stage; this is my obstacle. Being that I wrote it I find that it is a task to read it over and over until it is exactly the way I want it. But I am not doing any other books until it is printed and out there. It is a positive behavior book more so than a training book; the training books will come later. Having been an inhome trainer for so many years there is alot that goes on behavior wise before you even get to training. Of course when I say training I am referring to the official stuff like sit, down, stay and come etc. But it is all training.

When a dog joins your family there is so much to learn; both for you and for your new dog. I like to call this the education rather than training. Learning how to live the day to day with the new family. Adding a new dog to the family requires you to step into a zone; an educator zone. What is an educator zone you ask? The educator zone is a state of awareness; the ever watchful eye that a new dog guardian must keep about themselves. It is very easy for dogs to train us very quickly and before you know it; you can be trying to undo a behavior.

Often guardians set aside time to train but other than that the dogs does what they want. This can lead to a not so harmonious existance which in turn can result in the "outside dog." It is best to tackle living together head on; and right from the start. Nipping behaviors in the bud is far easier than trying to get rid of a behavior that is well set in. So staying in your educator zone helps you to see things before they grow.

So I must get at it; I will let you all know when it's done. And tomorrow will undoubtedly be a big blog; hey it will be #1000.

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