Yesterday was filled with puppy shoots; but it started by cancelling the shoots. Then as it turned out; a change of events and they were on again leaving me dashing to let everyone know we were still on. So after cooking up a bunch of chicken; whipping up a yummy breakfast for the hounds and making sure that everyone got out for a little walk, I packed up my gear and headed off. One thing that I always check when going on puppy shoots is my batteries; I tend to not be able to stop shooting once I start. They are just so darned cute; it really is hard to say when.

The first bunch of puppies were only about 2.5 weeks old; eyes just opened and giving their tiny legs a try. I don't know what I would do if I had a litter of my own to watch day in and day out; nothing but watch puppies I would guess. They are so adorable just laying there I could watch them forever. So I shot away as they wriggled around and thoroughly enthralled me. Mom came in and out of the room watching me closely as I would expect any good Momma to do.

After having my fill of puppy shooting we moved onto Mom and Dad; both gorgeous and wonderful to photograph. I got some amazing photos; non posed and natural. By simply sitting back and watching their behavior unfold you get a feel for a dogs individualism and that is what I like to capture. Of course sometimes I can't just watch and I have to interact; especially when my model wants to interact with me. It can be pretty amazing.

Then I was off to my next batch of puppies; 5 weeks and on the move. Of course they are no where near as active as they will be in another 2 weeks but still very different than 2 week olds. I first met Mom and her daughter from a previous litter and again I was smitten; beautiful girls and as sweet as can be. The puppies will no doubt turn out to be someones love of their life. They were adorable; some sleeping, some brawling and one having a bath.

The puppies were moved to their play area and I crawled around trying to capture them with my camera; not an easy task. The puppies played; investigated and played some more. Wrestling is a huge part of puppy learning and figuring out who's who as far as status hierarchy. Even at only 5 weeks of age it's pretty clear who's on top. And you cannot help but smile watching them try their tough guy routine. While I was shooting the puppies; Mom caught my attention playing ball, it was obviously her favorite thing. As Mom played ball the first daughter was completely immersed in following the puppies and having fun with them.

A pretty amazing Friday; wish all Fridays were like this one.

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