Sitting here now in Connecticut I am reflecting on our long journey.  It was far from what I had expected; much better in some ways but gone wrong is one other.  Admittedly I am not a great traveler; I am not a patient person as far as long drives so driving from California to Connecticut was not my cup of tea.  Not wanting to put my dogs in the cargo of a plane, entrusting their lives to someone else I opted to make this very, VERY long drive.  As we headed out I had no idea of what was ahead.

I am a huge Facebook fan; I have several groups that I have started and am on every day.

Just dogs with Sherri  with 857 members
The Standard Poodle  with 3695 members
Shutting down puppy mills  with 66 members (new and growing slowly)
Sherri Regalbuto Photography  49 members
Poodles in need around the world  309 members

My two largest groups knew that my son and I were making this journey; we'd already discussed it quite a bit.  Luckily my son has an iphone and I was able to post our progress across the country.  As we ventured onto the highway there was a feeling of not being alone knowing that not only was family with us but hundreds or thousands were also with us.  Receiving continuous comments from my Facebook family put a smile on my face daily.  I felt like we were all on this trip together.

When issues came up and we needed help; I just posted the need and they were there.  My Facebook family has been beyond amazing.  I now have friends around the world; friends who I feel comfortable sharing with.  I had no idea that this amazingly huge trip would make me look at Facebook a little differently.  Not only does it enable you to tap into friendships that you would never have been able to do otherwise; it changes your life.

To my Facebook fans:  I cannot express how wonderful it was knowing that you were all out there keeping an eye on our travels.  When I was down you picked me up; you cheered as we got closer and closer to our destination.  When we lost our little girl along the way; heartache and constant tears streaming down my face were comforted  knowing that you all understood.  You gave me your opinions and much needed "if it were me" advice.  It truly is amazing how close a group can become without ever meeting in person.   But after all  the heart of a being is what's inside, correct?

I lost a member of our family on this trip; but gained a whole bucket load of friends.  I cannot tell you how much I appreciate you all; thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Sincerely;  Sherri.


  1. Sher, my heart goes out to you. We just lost our 4 year old girl to AIHA, and spent nearly 7 thousand dollars in less than a week in the process. But you know what? We tried, and we did all we could, and we know that. So, I am glad you did not ship the dogs. If you had, and this same thing had happened, you would have to live with your decision and wonder if you did the wrong thing. This way, you were with them, even until the end for your little nugget.

  2. I looked forward to all the updates and the photos that you posted. We have never met in person but I feel connected to you and your poodles. Really happy that you made the journey safe and sound and cyber hugs to you for the loss of your baby. But now that you have arrived at your destination,, I look forward to reading all the new adventures in the new state. Best wishes!

  3. Sherri I am grateful for this group that you started. Animal lovers are some extraordinary people. Thank you for sharing your journey with us, we have also laughed, cried and learned along the way. It is wonderful and amazing how much you can come to care about people and dogs that you have never met. I wish you and your beloved family many blessings in your new home.

  4. I, too, am grateful for the dog groups you started, particularly The Standard Poodle. I have found a long lost friend, and I find that the posts from these groups usually make me the happiest. We are all connected by the dogs we love. My heart broke with yours when you lost your little girl, and rejoices that you are in a beautiful home.

  5. Hi Y'all,

    Human life has entered into everyday life and trying to catch up on reading I found out about your loss on your journey and cried for you.

    So glad y'all have reached your destination safely. Unfortunately much of your page is failing to load, so I don't know what all we're missing. Our prayers are with y'all as you establish new relationships and build a new life and make new friends in the NE.

    Y'all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog


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